“Music to me is like breathing. I don't get tired of breathing, I don't get tired of music.” - Ray Charles

The premier ethnic minority interest & multilingual Community Radio in Ireland

Equality and diversity in irish Media

GOCOM Radio is a community radio social enterprise that creates, produces, and broadcast media content to provide valuable services for ethnic minorities and marginalised listeners. We commenced broadcast with indigenous music on January 1, 2021, and began operations on 19th August 2021; following official opening by Her Worship, Lord Mayor of Galway Colette Connolly. We broadcast everyday Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 5pm and play indigenous music from 5pm to 10am.


With over five thousand ethnic minorities in Galway alone; and online listeners nationally and even abroad, tuning in on our website and mobile App, GOCOM Radio offers unique opportunities to reach out to ethnic minorities and marginalised groups directly and create meaningful relationships with them. You’ll leverage the power of community radio advertising that cut through the clutter and engage consumers experientially and emotionally. You’ll provide value while being inclusive—a winning combination.

Radio Advertising
Whatever your objective, radio advertising can play an important role in growing your business.
Radio offers short lead-times and relatively low cost production, making it ideal for advertising messages.
GOCOM Radio holds potent tools for advertisers to cultivate community audiences—allowing you to engage with
your most relevant, high-value consumers. We have 100% loyalty from the new community; so, whether you want to reach working class, families or youth in Galway, our targeting platform allows you to zero in on your audience.

Language is the most powerful medium in community radio, it is becoming even more important in a diverse community. We overcome language barriers in Irish media by reaching your audience in the language they understand.

gocom radio

The people’s voice
Our programming includes current affairs (mainly local issues but including national issues that have a local impact), news, diversity and Inclusiveness, arts, women issues, local historical interests, law, health, children and family, drama and podcast.
We also provide live coverage of special events from time to time.
We provide free announcement slots for births, deaths, marriages, non-profit events, meetings and AGMs.

GOCOM Radio is AMDAF's Community Development Social Enterprise. AMDAF is a charity organisation (RCN 20205848)
We adopt Goal 5 of the SDGs.

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