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GOCOM Radio is funded through grants, advertising, sponsorships, collaborations, and the invaluable support of individuals like you. Your contribution fuels our mission to connect communities and amplify diverse voices.

Join us at GOCOM Radio – where diversity thrives and voices unite! We welcome you to be part of our vibrant community. Share your stories, talents, and interests with us. Let’s amplify your voice together! Connect with us now to reach a broader audience and celebrate diversity through our airwaves. Partner with GOCOM Radio today.

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Language is the most powerful medium in community radio; even more important in a diverse community. We overcome language barriers in Irish media by reaching your audience in the language they understand.

Our local focus, target interest, combined with our global reach potential, provide a unique way to advance your company’s message regionally and worldwide.

Our rates are exceptional value for money and we offer you an audience the other stations can’t.

Programme sponsorship is €700 a year.

Plans can be tailored to your needs, and we often run special offers.

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