About GOCOM Radio

Galway Online Community Radio

GOCOM Radio is Ireland’s first ethnic minority and marginalised groups interest multilingual community radio, located in Galway City and County. The online Station was opened in January 2021 and launched in August same year; broadcasting unique content to integrate ethnic minorities and marginalized communities into Irish Media; promoting cultural heritage, representation, and integration through languages, indigenous music, and arts.

City Studio – Unit 11a Sandy Road Galway

County Studio – N17 Business Park, Tuam

Our Mission

  • Be the community radio through which the marginalised and socially excluded can express themselves, project their interests, change negative stereotypes and narratives, and make their voice heard.
  • Inspire understanding on issues affecting the new communities and marginalised groups.
  • Promote equal and fair representation in media.
  • Overcome language barriers through ethnic language media.
  • Promote cultural heritage, arts and values.
  • Promote activities that enhance recognition, inclusion, justice, development and respect.
  • Support local businesses and organisations to grow.
  • Inform, inspire, entertain, and represent.

Our vision is Ireland where everyone enjoys equal and fair representation irrespective of race or status.

Our Team

Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo

Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo - CEO

Islammiyah is a broadcaster, social entrepreneur, and media executive. She's the Founder of Amdalah Africa Foundation – AMDAF, a charity dedicated to promoting women and community development, recognition and justice. As our CEO, Islammiyah uses her experience with a first degree in Mass Communication to ensure smooth running of the Station’s programmes and maintain our key vision of projecting ethnic representation, diversity and inclusion in Irish media; and hold strongly to our community objectives. Islammiyah is a strong advocate for social justice, women, youth, and ethnic minorities.  She sits on the Board of 2 Organisations, including Galway City Community Network. She is a bestselling author of 3 Books, a trainer, and inspirational speaker. She holds Masters of Art in Gender, Globalisation & Rights from NUI Galway.

Barry Kadejo

Barry Kadejo - Senior Operations Manager

Barry is a Network System Engineer with first degree in Information Technology from GMIT, Galway and MSc from NUI Galway. He also sits on the Board of AMDAF. As our Operations Manager, Barry oversees and coordinates the continuous, multifaceted daily operations of the station, ensuring compliance with broadcast standards. He participates in the establishment, organisation, and implementation of short and long term goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures; monitors and evaluates program effectiveness and effects changes required for improvement. Barry brings his Information Technology expertise to design AMDAF's website, while managing both AMDAF and GOCOM Radio's website.

Stan Quarterman

Stan Quarterman - Production Manager/ Programme Host/Business Development Adviser

Stan grew up with radio, television had yet to be invented.... He's a vigorous thinker, voracious reader, and takes a wide interest in the world around him. He loves music and hosts World Soufflé on GOCOM Radio. As Production Manager, he works closely with presenters to create the best content, and willingly passes on his experience to those new to production. In his business-development role, he communicates the vision and value of the Station to our target audience and potential partners, and pitches new ideas to help advertisers and sponsors see the 'bigger picture', as it can be harnessed by the Power of Radio; using his over 30 years experience in the advertising industry. Stan works closely with the Marketing and Brand Team who manage the Station's social media presence, co-ordinate timeslots and proposals.

Kofi Joy Babanawo

Kofi Joy Babanawo - Virtual Publicity Assistant

Joy is a Senior Operations Manager with Radio BAR 93.5 mhz, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. He volunteers as a Virtual Publicity Assistant from Ghana, assisting with media campaigns, and  handling duties as assigned. He hosts Africa Live! every Monday at 5pm on GOCOM Radio. He is a very dedicated person who does his best in every mission he handles. He’s dutiful and creative.