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Galway Online Community Radio

GOCOM Radio is the first ethnic minority interest and multilingual online community Radio in Ireland. The Station is located in Galway. GOCOM Radio is a community development social enterprise of AMDAF. We aim integrating marginalised ethnic minorities into Irish media; vis-à-vis participation, managerial roles, employment, content, language barriers, social exclusion and discriminations.

Our Mission is to:
– Be the voice of the new communities and marginalised groups.
– Promote equal and fair representation in media.
– Overcome language barriers in Irish media with content in different languages.
– Promote cultural heritage, arts and values.
– Promote activities that enhance recognition, inclusion, justice, development and respect.
– Support local businesses and organisations to grow.
– Inform, inspire and represent.
– Inspire understanding on issues affecting the new communities and marginalised groups.

Our vision is to have equal and fair representation of ethnic minorities and marginalised groups in Irish media.

Give voice to ethnic minority

GOCOM is based on volunteer works, it is a volunteer-powered community Radio where good-hearted people work passionately to improve daily life of ethnic minorities by giving them a voice and a place to talk their issues loud.

Listen to a volunteer-powered community Radio dedicated to bring quality programming, local news, music, and information to the community without the language barrier.

Join our Team
We welcome media volunteers in the areas of broadcast, marketing, advertising, programme production, content creation, event planning/coverage, reportorial, editing, social media and Administration.
We work with freelance marketers on commission contract.
We have advert rate tailored towards your budget, whether as a sponsor or to promote your services or products.

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." - Luccock

Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo

Islammiyah is a Director at Amdalah Africa Foundation – AMDAF, a charity dedicated to promoting women and community development, recognition and justice.
As our CEO, Islammiyah uses her experience with a first degree in Mass Communication to ensure smooth running of the Station’s programmes and maintain our key vision of projecting ethninc representation, diversity and inclusion in Irish media; and hold strongly to our community objectives.

Islammiyah is social entrepreneur, Mediapreneur, social justice advocate and inspirational speaker.
Author of 3 books and a cultural conservationist, Islammiyah holds Masters of Art in Gender, Globalisation & Rights from NUI Galway.

Barry Kadejo
Operations Manager

Barry is a Network System Engineer with first degree in Information technology from GMIT, Galway and MSc from NUI Galway. He also sits on the Board of AMDAF.
As our Operations manager, Barry oversees and coordinates the continuous, multifaceted daily operations of the radio station, ensuring compliance with broadcast standards. He brings ears, and is open-minded. You can rely on him as he manages AMDAF website and has build it.

gocom radio marketing manager
Cynthia Shaurli
Marketing and Communication Manager

Cynthia is working as the marketing and communication manager. She leads and advices on marketing strategies. She is a very dedicated person who does her best in every mission she handles. Passionate and well-organised, she volunteers with GOCOM Radio with her skill sets and passion. And here we are! She could work in her field and help others with real issues through the radio. She redesigned GOCOM Radio website, and created a marketing and communication plan for the Station.

Volunteer picture
Joy Kofi Babanawo
Event and Marketing Support Manager

Joy is a volunteer responsible for implementing marketing strategies, and specifically, plans, organize and promotes marketing events.
He supports sourcing sponsorship activation, managing events, and digital marketing. He’s enthusiastic and creative.

Salmah Lawal
Content and Brand Strategy Manager

Salmah is a trained broadcaster, content development specialist, author and a language and communication coach in English, French, Yoruba and Ebira.
As our Content and Brand Strategy Manager, Salmah develops content and executes strategies to effectively accomplish the Station’s vision, goals, and objectives.

Anchor - GOCOM Radio
Waliat Omoboladale Hassan

Waliat Omoboladale Hassan is a trained broadcaster, reporter and blogger. She anchors our weekly World News in Yoruba language, Iroyin Agbaye.
Omoboladale aka Iyalode Ojumito holds first degree in Mass Communication. She works full-time as On-Air-Personality with Rave FM
and also owns a blog, SlankyDiva’s Blog.
Her vision is for younger generations to be proud of their mother tongue. She loves to flow with news and not the crowd.

Adebayo Abdulhafeez
Research/Language Assistant

Abdulhafeez is a volunteer responsible for conducting research, and assist in the development of day-to-day programmes. He also supports programme producers and presenters to ensure programmes run smoothly.
As a Language Assistant, Abdulhafeez reviews, assesses and helps boost broadcast in different languages.

Our partners
Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
Rethink Ireland
Galway City Partnership
Galway Rural Development
Our clients
Bolas Fashion
Galway Rural Development
Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme
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GOCOM Radio is AMDAF's Community Development Social Enterprise. AMDAF is a charity organisation (RCN 20205848)
We adopt Goal 5 of the SDGs.

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