Ireland Rejects Government’s Twin Referendums Proposals on Family and Care

Ireland has voted to reject Government's proposal to change the Constitution that would remove the 'woman in the home' clause. The public also rejected the proposed changes to care.

The Irish Government's defeat in the March 8, 2024 twin referendums on Family and Care marks a significant setback for its policy agenda. With both referendums delivering resounding outcomes against the Government's proposals, it underscores a clear message from the electorate regarding these key issues. The results are likely to prompt a period of reflection and reassessment within the Government as it considers its next steps in addressing concerns related to family and care policies.

The defeat in these referendums highlights the importance of public engagement and discourse on matters that directly impact citizens' lives. It also serves as a reminder of the power of democratic processes in shaping the direction of governance. As the Government navigates the aftermath of these defeats, it will need to carefully consider how to respond to the expressed will of the people while also balancing its policy objectives and priorities.