Nutrition with Rodhiyah, Wednesdays 5pm

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Nutrition with Rodhiyah dishes out easy-to-digest information, tips, and advice about nutrition and holistic health. Backed by clinical nutrition experience, a passion for sustainability and a healthy sense of humour, she will inspire you to enjoy unique and rich African foods food with dietary guidelines in support of your health.

The host, Rodhiyah holds first degree in Chemistry Education and has since taken interest in Nutrition. With a Basic Diploma in Nutrition from South Essex College, she proceeds to studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Every week on the show, she shares her passion for healing priorities that are lurking in African foods and how they can support immune system if prepared properly.

Nutrition with Rodhiyah is open to sponsorship. Contact us on

This is a programme not to be missed; well if you do, you can always listen back below:

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