Family Reunification: Migrant Nurses Express Impacts on Mental Health and Parenting, Appeal to Irish Government, Embassy

Reunification means spouses and children return to their families after separation. For Nigerian and Ghananian nurses in ireland, the process of reuniting with their families has been a huge task, as what takes other nationalities fews weeks, is taking them almost 2 years to achieve, even though family Reunification is a priority visa.

The Association of Nigerian Nurses in Ireland - ANNI has earlier sent SOS Press Release to us, to create awareness on the situation. ANNI President Olayinka Aremu who called on GOCOM Radio Breakfast this morning again expressed her concerns about the the disastrous situation, saying some nurses are having strained marriages/relationships as spousal absence is threatening family love, harmony and cohesion. Some nurses, according to her are raising their children from Ireland which is a difficult, especially now, considering the huge negative influences from social media, peer pressures and the society on raising children.

Callers like Olabisi, Abiodun, Abraham, Justus, and Goodness among others who called on the show equally expressed their concerns and frustrations, while appealing to the Irish Government and the Irish Embassy in Nigeria for help.

Chike who called from Nigeria said his spouse has been in Ireland for over 8 months, his application for reunification has not been reviewed at all, and he is struggling parenting alone in Nigeria, while also working.

Listen to the full interview below:

ANNI Interview 05 December 2022