“Unheard Voices: Her-Story in His-Story” Series

EMDAO Shines Light on Domestic Abuse, Premieres "Unheard Voices" Series on GOCOM Radio, May 17th, 12noon

If victims have the courage to speak, we owe them the courage to listen. The Ethnic Minority Domestic Abuse Observatory (EMDAO) is doing just that; providing a platform for domestic abuse victims to be heard.

The Series titled "Unheard Voices: Her Story in His Story starts on GOCOM Radio on Wednesday May 17th at 12noon, and runs every Wednesday at the same time till end of November 2023.

Listeners can send confidential email to emdaobservatory@gmail.com

The series is sponsored by The Immigrant Council of Ireland, and supported by Offally Domestic Violence Support Service, DORAS, LCP, Amal Women's Association, LATINA Women Against Violence, AKIDWA, WHW, IOM, Irish Pakistani Community of Cork and Grupo Mulheres do Brasil Irlanda.

Listen to missed series below

Unheard Voices, Introductory Episode 1, May 17th 2023
Episode 2, Domestic Abuse: The Language We Use 24th May, 2023
Episode 3, Feminism in Domestic Abuse 31st May, 2023
Episode 4, Coercive Control, June 7, 2023
Episode 5, AkidWa June 14, 2023
Episode 6, Calling Gardai, June 21, 2023
Episode 7, Men Development Network, July 5, 2023
Episode 8, Men Development Network Repeat, July 12, 2023
Episode 9, Gardai and COPE Galway on the show, July 19, 2023
Episode 10, Unveiling the Shadows, Understanding Human Trafficking and Exploitation
Episode 11, Gardai and COPE Galway Part 2, August 02, 2023
Episode 12 Employment: A Route to Financial Stability for Migrant Women August 9, 2023
Episode 13 Female Genital Mutilations in Ireland August 16, 2023
Episode 14 Men Suffer Too August 23, 2023
Episode 15 Voices of Trafficked Women August 30, 2023
Episode 16 Empowering Women Through Political Activism, September 27, 2023
Episode 17 Brazilian Women's Right Committee 4 October 2023
Episode 18 AMAL Women: Women Empowering Women 11 October 2023
Episode 18 ‘Cuando no puedes quedarte' Latina Women Against Violence 01 November 2023
Episode 19 , oct 26 Domestic Abuse Spanish Language 22 November 2023
Episode 20 LABRAS Building bridges for the Brazilian community in Laois 29 November 2023
Unheard voices episode 21 Freedom and Hope, Guest Ini 6 December 2023
Unheard voices episode 22 Value, Guest Islammiyah Kadejo 13 December 2023