Ballymun Protests: ‘Take the fight where the power is, we’re stronger together’ – Ballymunner, Dean Scurry

Dean Scurry is an award-winning human rights activist, a community leader and Ballymun native. Dean called-in on the Breakfast today in reaction to recent protests against refugees in Ballymun. He said 20 percent of homeless people in Dublin are in Ballymun, and this puts pressure on the community. He said the protests became neccessary because the community has long been neglected by the government; only to locate a shelter in Ballymun for refugees without proper community engagement.

He empahsied that the protest was not to demostarate hatred for refugees, but to express anger against the government, and demand better services, homes and decent work. He added that refugees in Ireland and local community are brothers and need to be stronger together, and that the protests should be at where the power is, not at accomodation shelters where vulnerable people are.

Listen to Dean's conversation with the Breakfast Show host, Islammiyah below: