Press Release: Nigerian and Ghanaian Nurses in Ireland Recount Hardship Due to Family Reunification Visa Delay

The Association of Nigerian Nurses in Ireland recounts in a Press Release to GOCOM Radio that Nigerian/Ghanaian Nurses’ Visa applications for family unification and those
appealing after refusal is taking too long to be attended to.

ANNI says it is so sad that Nigerian and Ghanaian Nurses working in Ireland are increasingly finding it hard to bring their family members to join them for up to 2 years or more even when it's said that the family Reunification is priority visa, but the Ireland Embassy in Nigeria has refused to treat it as same.

According to ANNI, in a recent survey of 61 Nigerian (90.6%) and Ghanaian nurses (9.4%) in Ireland on Delays of family Visa of Nigerian and Ghanaian Nurses in Ireland by the ANNI, (2022), it was reported
that out of the 72.1% (Nigerian Nurses) and 27.9% (Ghanaian Nurses) that applied for their
family visa, only 20% had been approved (ANNI, 2022). This is absolutely disgraceful.

The association says the aim of reaching out to GOCOM Radio is to appeal and notify the general public about the situation, while urging the Irish Government and Irish Embassy in Nigeria to facilitate Nigerian and Ghanaian's family reunification Visa applications for critical skill permit holders especially in
this pandemic and beyond.

ANNI clarifies that the situation is not a general issue. They claim their colleagues from countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, India and others who applied before or around the
same time with them, have been granted visas to reunite with their families within weeks of application submission, despite the fact that we applied using same critical skills work permits.

The Press Release states that nurses from other nationalities where placed on a category A immigration status for the sole purpose of reuniting with their families in a short period of time while Nurses from Nigeria and Ghana undergo emotional torture from being separated from our loved ones for a pretty long period of time.

"It is not surprising to learn that some nurses are having strained marriages/relationships as spousal absence is threatening family love, harmony and cohesion. Some of them are raising their children from Ireland which is a difficult exercise especially now considering the huge negative influences from social media, peer pressures and the society on growing children", ANNI presiding President Olayinka says.

ANNI seeks fair treatment of their members as it goes a long way in their mental health. the association pleads with the Irish embassy concerning the refused family visa despite having Critical skills work permits.

IRELAND (members prefer to be anonymous)

🛑” Thank you for all you do for immigrants like me in Ireland. With regards the ongoing
situation where families are not being united in good time due to the delay in visa application
responses, I would like to appeal that you consider our plight. It has become a mental health
situation for me. I am mother of 3 young children and for almost 2yrs I haven’t been a part of
their lives. They have had special moments I have missed out of. I cry my heart to sleep every
night. I now have nightmares of what may go wrong with them in my absence. My husband
has become a shadow of himself as the pressure of looking after 3 children alone coupled
with his demanding career as a medical doctor. 2 years is to long to be away from my family.
Kindly intervene speedily so that my husband and children can join me without further

🛑” This is an SOS Appeal to all distinguished Authorities concerned. I am a Nigerian nurse
registered in Ireland. Coming into the Emerald Isle, I had high hopes for career advancement,
same for many immigrant nurses. However, my mental health is being adversely
affected…. I am feeling depressed already and so are many colleagues of mine. While still
trying to maintain my sanity, just 2 days ago, a colleague in the same situation rang me
because she needed someone to talk to before she loses it. Over what? Family Visa”

🛑” My kids submitted their application in June of 2019 and after a lot of fight back and
forth, it was denied in November of 2019 and an appeal was lodged within one week thinking
it will be treated immediately but it us another 2 years before my kids finally join me in
August of 2021. My husband applied on the 7th of December 2021 online then went to Abuja
office 21st of December to submit his application at Abuja embassy, no reply or update from
the embassy since then. Whenever I ask for a update, automatic response is sent to me (same
message is sent to about 10 of my friends in Dublin and limerick). I feel very lonely and
depressed since my husband is not here. I am tired of video calls, I will really appreciate if
my husbands visa and the rest of Nigeria and Ghana nurses working tirelessly application is
being attended to."

🛑” The visa application dated the 16th day of August 2021 refers, my husband and our two
kids applied for visa wherein all relevant documents were tendered under the join family visa,
it is within this period of waiting that I became pregnant and as at the time of writing this
mail, I am 5-month gone. I am very hardworking and diligent in my duties but it's has
become very stressful combining work with pregnancy all alone without the presence and
support of my husband. It's against this backdrop that I humbly petitioned that the visa
application be investigated."

Some Reasons for denial received from the Embassy
🛑Inadequate evidence of communication with my family, why was my children's birth.
registered in on same date with NPC, Inadequate evidence of accommodations, inadequate fund
🛑No evidence that I will be able to support my husband and son even though I submitted
letter from my employer, pay slip, statement of account, proof of address.
🛑No communication with my family even though I have visited Nigeria twice before the
application was submitted.
🛑Not enough evidence of family relationship.

🛑Lack of Accommodation.
🛑According to them, they were not sure that my marriage was genuine.
🛑Claimed they cannot determine my residency status.

"All we are humbly appealing to the government, Ministers, Immigration officials, Visa
officers, Immigrant and Human rights activists, employers of foreign nurses and the entire
Irish public to please come to the help of Nurses whose family members have been delayed
and/or denied join family visas. Our mental, social, psychological health status is threatened
daily by family separation, and this can affect our productivity at work which can in turn
impact on patient safety."

Yours sincerely,

Olayinka Aremu
Presiding President

Contact: for enquiries, support or becoming a member.