All the changes to voters registration in Ireland you need to know – Megan Flynn Dixon

The electoral registration process has changed.

Feminist, and Migrant Rights activist Megan Flynn Dixon said this on the breakfast show while sensitising migrants about voter registration in Ireland. She implored everyone in the community to register to vote, and update their information on

Ms Dixon said even if you are already registered, you now need to add your PPSN, date of birth and Eircode. This will allow your local authority to ensure the accuracy of the electoral register.

Megan said even though most migrants are used to not being represented in most cases, it is important to have a more inclusive society where government reflects our increasing diversity. She mentioned we can do better than just 9 migrants out of almost a thousand councilors in Ireland.

Listen to Megan in this interview with Islammiyah on the Breakfast Show...

Megan Flynn Dixon on Voters Registration in Ireland, 02 February 2023